Interview with Emma Mildon


International best seller… need i say more?

Emma is a household favourite for many of us who have had the pleasure of reading her books, The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Emma’s fresh release Evolution of Goddess, but if her name isn’t ringing any bells for you.. you’ve most likely read a few articles written by her for Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen or other leading wellness magazines. I’ve only recently found Emma and I have to admit... i have formed a girl crush. I mean seriously, what a woman! She’s travelled the world in the search of herself and she’s found a love for helping others along the way. I decided to get in contact with her darling self when I started the #bereal campaign back in July and we got chatting… we’ve since been in contact again and here is some of our conversation.

Powerful women don’t need another pair of yoga pants, we need a mic.
— Emma Mildon, Evolution of Goddess: A Modern Girl's Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers

So Emma, you’ve written some truly inspiring articles and shared a lot of information about mindfulness, spirituality and loving yourself with your readers but I want to dig a little deeper and know some more personal things about your lovely self..

What is the first thing you do in the morning to ensure you have a great day? 

Meditation. And get outside. I sit outside. Take the dog for a walk. Stand with the sun on my face. I greet the day. 

I know a lot of people who swear by the law of attraction or manifestation practices and i’m starting to realise it’s a life changer… Do you use the law of attraction? And if so, has it changed the outcome in many life situations for you? 

I’m definitely a believer in manifestation… but i also believe in flow. You can't have what isn't meant for you in your journey, so understanding that balance has been invaluable to me. 

I was asked this question at our recent #GURLSPACE workshop in my home town of Perth and i think that’s because many people know i’m a wild child and was an absolute shocker of a teen but i really loved this question and i couldn’t help but ask you too.. so Emma, what would you tell your younger self? 

You won't believe me if I told you.... haha

You are an inspiration for many women including myself but who is your biggest inspiration?

Everyday people. Random acts of kindness I witness. When humanity shows up. A smile from a stranger - these people are the real rockstars, the heroes amongst us. The people who are kind, loving, and nurturing when no one even notices. 

(Not all heroes wear capes girls!)

For anyone who is looking to write a book (me, myself &i)... how did you start to compile all the information for your books? And how has that journey changed your life? 

I have a degree in Journalism, which proved handy! I also traveled the world researching my work. I believe it is important to experience what you write about, and reference correctly. The study and the backpacking from coast-to-coast from Peru, Europe, Costa Rica, US, Arab lands.... it all weaved together as important components to my work.

What has been your greatest lesson & achievement in life? 

This is such a great question! (thanks girl)!

I don't think I have reached my greatest potential yet! Ever growing and evolving, so while I am proud of how far I have come I wouldn't be able to say there is one big lesson or achievement. 

Any advice you could give to people who are wanting to open up / learn more about spirituality? 

Play! Be curious! Explore. Get out of your own way and allow your soul to seek! 

Fun fact about Emma we don’t know? 

My dog Luna is my first child. She is the light of my life. 

What are your goals for yourself as person and also your business?

I flow when it comes to goals. I get downloads, intuition, and creativity collide so it is ignorant of me to think I can list down goals and they will show up. My focus is a lot more agile than that, everyday a new idea, a new mission, a new connection - some days nothing. I learn to ebb and flow with what is showing up and have found this to be a powerful way to work in business. 

I am grounded, so always meet my deadlines. Always pay my bills on time. But when it comes to moving forward it isn't linear, its a spiral which means you can't be too structured. 

(basically girls… she has her shit together.)

Lucky last... any advice for myself and other small business owners out there who want to start up or make their current project a profitable business but still help others better themselves.  

The most important thing I would say is build relationships, not a network. My business partners and collaborators are like family. Soul mates. I respect them. I keep in touch. It is never a one-time-thing. I see a lot of people looking for mass network instead of connections that count. Focus on  who you cross paths with. Honour those relationships.

Thank you SO much Emma for taking the time out of your busy schedule to have a chat with me and share some information for the lady lunatique’s out there who need some loving.