Yoni - The divine passage; source of life; uterus and vagina; it transcends the anatomical because it is a temple where the divine female essence can be honoured. 

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After my abortion (read here), my yoni space was severely traumatised. I bled for two weeks and you're not allowed to wear tampons because of infections, so that was amazing...I also couldn't have sex which was one of the harder things for me to get through, being in a relationship, sex is an imperative part of communication and expressing emotion. Not being able to do this with my boyfriend tore me apart inside (as if I wasn't already) and it made me feel as though I wasn't pulling my weight in our relationship. Luckily, my boyfriend is an absolute gem and never pushed me into anything until I was 100% ready and always reassured me we would push through this tough time (not all angels wear halos).

You're not meant to participate in any vigorous exercise like jogging, running, gym classes, etc. which was fine by me because 'gym' isn't a word in my vocabulary. But then I was told I couldn't do yoga or pilates as it would put a strain on my muscles and stunt the healing process. I could have died at that moment. Not doing my daily yoga practice was driving me up the wall until I found 'Yoni Yoga'. Now every morning and every night I do a basic flow (nothing too serious ya know) for 20-30 minutes and at the end of it, I lay on my back in cobblers pose (butterfly pose for those non-yogi's reading). I place my left hand on my heart space and right hand over my Vulva or cupping my vagina, and I imagine a pink light behind my eyes. I send it from my heart to my Yoni space and tell them to speak to each other. Whilst doing this, my mind is filled with positive affirmations and I keep telling my Yoni to take her time and heal. 

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It's been three months now, I'm still in recovery mode. I spot most days and it's still tender to have sex but I am able to have sex again (yay, lucky boyfriend!) See? It's all about balance. I've also been reading (same with the bf) a lot of women's stories and it took them up to 2 years to get back to tip-top condition! So I'm just taking my time and so is Fifi.

As for my first period after my surgery... oh my goodness. I was the DEVIL for a week leading up to it (my poor boyfriend)! I bled heavily for 2 days and was a little Dalmatian for the other 5.. just not that cute.

If you have been through something traumatic or you are just wanting to get more in touch with your femininity, I'd HIGHLY recommend adding that simple technique to your yoga practice or daily life. It is amazing and beautiful. Speak to your Yoni space and reaffirm to her that she is okay, and beautiful and strong and to take the time that she needs to heal. She will love you for it and you will learn to love her.