Check in - Check out

So you've finally built up the courage and the funds to move out of home... but you're still struggling with adult life and need some helpful hints. Well this is for you honey.

Leaving the comfort of your family home is a scary thought, but we all have to do it sometime so here is a little guide for those of you who have reached out to us for assistance during your transition to a new place.

If you need more guidance – email us! Don’t be shy now…

  1. BE PATIENT - It’s going to take a while to adjust, it’s a big move… so be kind to yourself & the people around you and you will be A-OK!

  2. GO FOR WALKS – if you’re in a new suburb or city or country, get your map app out and search for a park & a café. Now get that fitspo attire on girlfriend, get yourself a coconut cap and get walking! You never know what you might see, who you might meet or how good the coffee might be!

  3. FIND A JOB – now, I know most of you have worked in hospitality and hated it BUT, it’s a great way to make new friends and network… even if you get 2 part time jobs, one that really interests you and could progress into a career and then a casual and fun (I say that loosely) café job on the weekend. I’ve met some of the most interesting people working in cafes all over the joint and I’ve made lifelong friends too.

  4. ROUTINE IS KEY – get in a good routine. I cannot stress this enough ladies! Sunrise & sunset walks reset my whole mindset, hence why I do them most days. It’ll be different for everyone, find what makes you forget about all the crap things that’ve happened throughout the day and reset. I know how stressful it is when you’re moving interstate and your belongings end up being a week late and you’re left high & dry.

  5. 1/4 – this is a weird one and it may not work for you but if you are having troubles with your transition, change your room around every 3 months. Get a new bed spread, a new plant or a cool piece of art to put on your wall (if your landlord is nice). I’ve found when I don’t really like a place I’m living in or I’m feeling uneasy, doing this resettles me and it changes my perspective again. Waking up in a “new” room really does help your mental state.

  6. BE OPEN – to new people, ideas, adventures, conversations. Nothing good comes from being closed (thank you Melissa Ambrossini for the best lesson ever…). So take a chance, keep your heart & mind open, you might have a life changing conversation with someone today.

  7. TREATS – what’s your favourite thing? Mint dark chocolate.. okay cool, have it in arms reach. For those shitty days when you’re feeling home sick or missing the sunshine. Eat it, enjoy it.

  8. BUDGET! – oh boy. I wish I listened to my own advice more. Shit happens, sometimes you step in it.. life can be a bitch… so having a little extra cash in the kitty is a massive help. You never know how many times your car might break down or you need to get your eyebrows redone because the first lady botched them… I’m serious girls. Budget! Budget! Budget! The app Pocketbook is really good for this, super simple to use (I'm worse than grandma) so this was key for me.

  9. LIVE GIGS – find your local gig guide, choose a gig, choose an outfit & GO! You will meet like minded people and you’ll most likely have an epic night.

  10. JOT JOURNAL – this isn’t high on my list because I don’t do it very often, only when the mars retrograde is in full swing and I’ve turned into a complete mess… but usually I’m pretty sweet. It does help to jot down your feelings though. The app Evernote is really great & simple to use too.

  11. CALL HOME – ET did. You should too.. check in & check out.


Love to all of you & good luck on your new adventure!!

Kate x