We are all ears.

This is a community without judgment. 

Whatever you are coming to us with, we will try our absolute best to give you the guidance or advice that you have endeavoured to find.

This is a space where you can release and unravel the tethers of everyday life. 

Honouring your own strength by gaging that inner wisdom and light that may have been dimmed or completely blown out by previous traumas in your life. You may not be proud of those moments, but it's time to forgive yourself. 

No subject is too sensitive, insignificant or crazy to seek advice for. 

Everyone needs a voice of reassurance, peace and honesty in their lives, but we also need someone that we can fall on and speak to in times of need. Everyone needs to be told 'its okay'. 

This forum is a balance of listening and responding. By opening this platform for YOU and others, we are providing a nurturing and safe place to ask for guidance and receive it. 

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