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Our first ever workshop… done & dusted! And what a day it was.

Surrounded by women from all over Perth, we shared our struggles, our journeys, our tears, our laughs but most importantly, our strength and willingness to power on through those difficult times.

We learnt from the best of the best or the best in the west (whatever tickles your fancy), from mindfulness to meditation to tackling body image issues and mindful eating, we learnt to love ourselves from the inside out and to show compassion to the most important person in our lives… ourselves.

Our little bundle of laughter and knowledge Jess Wright (The Whole Me) took us on a fun filled journey through our minds and really made us live in the moment with some mindfulness activities to train our brain to come back to the now that we so often forget to live in. She also taught us the difference between mindfulness and meditation and how both of those practices can help enrich our lives and mental health.

With many of us struggling with body image issues whether we know it or not, it was no wonder we had tears streaming down our cheeks when Sabine McKenzie (Core Confidence) opened up about her battle with an eating disorder. The raw emotion and strength Sabine showed us proved that it was OKAY to feel vulnerable and to confide in the people around you.

My dear friend and wonder woman Kerryn Nilsson-Linne (West Coast Wellness WA) treated us ladies to some mindful eating activities which went down as a crowd favourite when we got to munch on some yummy dark choccies donated by The Cheeky Cacao Project (thank you so much guys!). We learnt some very interesting facts about why what we think when we eat is just as important as what we are eating and why many people who have the “fuck it” mentality towards dieting are often the people who see the best results.

To end our lovely day, myself & Mel (Leo Strange The Label) built up the courage and joined our guest speakers to answer some questions from the attendees. Our Q&A panel was informative yet light hearted and full of chuckles, and we even learnt a thing or two from the crowd too which was beautiful. Congratulations to the lovely ladies who won our two Adult Shop hampers too! Lucky gals.

Our first workshop… so much hard work went into this day and we could not have asked for a better turn out. To all our sponsors, Little Creatures, Adult Shop, Choose Jonny & The Cheeky Cacao Project, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering your spaces and products for the beautiful women who support us each day.

Thank you to Mel & Em from Leo Strange The Label for taking this chance with me and for helping create this humble space for girls everywhere.


Our next workshop will be coming to a space near you.

Melbourne - Newcastle - Byron Bay - Sunshine Coast.

If you would like to be a guest speaker or to donate a space or products for our workshop, please email

Much love.

Kate x